Meet the Midwife

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Shea and Wilson

Shea Cintron LM, CPM

Shea the midwife at the Birth Collective of Jacksonville.

Shea is a birth and human rights advocate, who respects the vulnerability in creating , welcoming and nourishing every stage of a family. She believes it is a basic human right to birth where, with and how one chooses and to have access to all the  needed information to make informed decisions.

Shea can’t think of a time when she wasn’t passionate about reproductive and child health.  Birth, babies and breastfeeding have been her passion for over 20 years. As a homebirth mom herself she understands the importance of the midwifery client relationship and hopes to foster loving caring connected reationships with each client she serves.

Shea has participated in several foreign midwifery internships, and volunteers around the world during humanitarian crisis providing care to women and children in exteremly low resource areas of the world.

When not catching babies, Shea can be found watching her boys on the soccer field, or driving her youngest around the golf course. Shea’s happy place is the beach. She also enjoys camping, kayaking, and traveling to destiations near and far.

Shea was co-owner and full time midwife at the Birth Center of Jacksonville.