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Midwifery services with Birth Collective of Jacksonville cost about one-quarter to one-third the amount you or your insurance company would pay for medical prenatal care and hospital birth.

The full fee for uncomplicated Out-of-hospital-birth Midwifery Service is $6000. This amount covers:


  • Highly trained and expericenced midwife providing your care
  • A full schedule of prenatal visits in our office – as many as you need
  • Attendance by a midwife and an assistant at your labor & delivery
  • At least 2 postpartum home visits (more if necessary)
  • A 2 and 6-week postpartum office visit
  • Access to moms circles and gatherings
  • Access to our online moms group

The fee may be paid in lump sums of any amount arranged in the payment plan. We ask that the fee be paid in full by 36 weeks of pregnancy.


If you have insurance with maternity benefits, our service may be covered at out-of-network rates.